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Updated: Jan 1

Saying I'm excited to host this online retreat is an understatement. Since going into lockdown in March 2020, I knew something positive was going to come of it, but I wasn't quite sure what. Although, if I had paid better attention to my card spread for this year (more on that later), I could've known all my job applications weren't going to work out, because I was meant to put something together to help YOU!

During this online retreat you will reset yourself on the body, mind AND soul level, and what perfect timing to do this in January after all the festive season madness has died down a little. You will learn the basics of Ayurveda, and apply its principles immediately with a week-long Ayurvedic diet. Needless to say there will be daily yoga classes, and moments of self-reflection too. For more details you can check out this page!

Let me first outline how you can participate before I answer some FAQs.

Option 1: you are based in Europe

If you are in Europe, you can purchase a ticket along with a full Ayurveda starter kit! The early bird runs until 18 December 2020, and the price is €111 including shipping. Enrolment closes on the 27th of December so I can get the kit to you in time!

Option 2: you are based in Europe and already have (some of) the materials

So you already have a tongue scraper and most of the ingredients (see below), but not a skin brush for example? Awesome! You can get a ticket, and purchase whatever you still need separately in the web shop.

Option 3: you live outside of Europe

You can purchase your ticket here and source your own materials and ingredients. You'll find some alternatives for the tools we'll use below if you can't find everything!

Ayurveda starter kit materials

  • Tongue scraper OR metal spoon

  • Skin brush OR rough wash cloth

  • Ayurvedic massage oil OR coconut/sesame oil (untoasted)

Ayurvedic ingredients

If you can get hold of the above ingredients, you can join the programme! And even if you can't, no worries at all, because it's not going to dramatically change your experience.

Where can I purchase everything?

I would suggest going to an Asian supermarket for the ingredients, especially the spices because you'll be able to get them in bulk. As for the physical materials, you can shop with me, or find them from local online businesses.

When are the online yoga classes?

I will be giving the live online classes at 7am on weekdays, and 9am on the weekend days, Amsterdam time (GMT+1)! If you live in a different time zone, or have irregular working hours, I will share a pre-recorded class with you via email!

Do I have to do the yoga class in the morning?

I do recommend it, because it's a great way to wake up the body and start the day, but if that doesn't fit into your (sleeping) schedule, then no worries at all! The programme is for you to follow at your own pace. Try and commit to a daily practice: this is your YOU-time, and you deserve to take an hour each day for your mental wellbeing 💛

How long will it take me each day?

The yoga class will take 45 minutes and includes the breathwork (pranayama) practice and meditation. I have allotted 15 minutes for the journalling exercise each day, but if you're hit with inspiration, no one is stopping you from writing longer!

I hope this answers most of your questions. Feel free to reach out if there is anything else I can clarify!

Blessings to you, and I hope to see you on the mat 💛


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