Crystals and their properties

Note: this post can be used as a reference for the malas you have or are looking to purchase. Use CMD/CTRL + F to look for yours! They are in alphabetical order.

This post is meant to inform those that have purchased a mala through my webshop, and give more information about the stones and crystals I use in the malas. Remember that healing crystals are not a replacement for medical treatment, diagnosis, or examination. And if you intend to use crystals to protect yourself from your neighbour's bad vibes, maybe just go and talk to them :)

Before I list the main crystals I use, let's be clear that none of this is backed by science. And in a way, it can't be, because the use of crystals taps into a whole energetic realm that cannot be studied by what we understand as the scientific method in the first place (take it from a former philosophy of science student). What matters here is that the crystals carry certain meanings and energies with them, and if that adds any kind of value to you during your meditation, then let that be sufficient.

Everything is made up of energy

You will notice there are some man-made 'crystals' in the list. This does not mean they don't have any kind of energetic properties at all; they're just different. And if you're drawn to it, you're drawn to it. The rest doesn't matter! Okay here they come:


Heart, throat chakra | truth, balance, unity

"I speak my heart's truth for the highest good of all."

Called the Stone of Courage and the Stone of Truth, amazonite empowers one to search the self and discover one’s own truths and integrity, and to move beyond fear of judgment or confrontation with others to live in alignment with those beliefs and values. It provides the freedom to express one’s thoughts and feelings, and to set strong and clear boundaries, both internally as self-discipline, and externally on what one is willing to experience or in defining personal space.

Healing: aids in cell regeneration and healing after illnesses, trauma or injury, and relieves muscle spasms. It is also useful in treating sexual disorders, such as lack of desire, impotence, vaginitis, sexual obsession, and priapism. It is also believed to aid in childbirth.


Third eye, crown chakra | peace, balance, serenity

“Infinite possibilities are available to me.”

Amethyst is know as the peace stone, which is ideal for those who practice meditation. Amethyst strengthens and enhances visualisation while also helping quiet the mind. It is believed to enhance one's ability to lucid dream. Historically, amethyst is known as a sobriety stone and has been used for hundreds of years to prevent addictive behaviours of all kinds.


Throat chakra | change, open mind, wisdom

"I am open to what the future holds, and act in alignment with my soul's purpose."<