An unlikely career switch

Updated: Dec 6, 2020

After a decade immersed in 'how to save the oceans', I've made a switch to 'how to create space for you to heal yourself'. And this is how it all started!

March 2019. I had booked an evolutionary astrology reading, firstly, out of pure curiosity, and secondly because I wanted to see to what extent my career was aligned with my soul's purpose. Up until a few years ago, astrology was just that section in the back of a newspaper that would prophesize what was in store for you that month according to the day you were born. How vague. That is, until my knowledge of astrology started expanding.

I learnt that you can produce a natal chart that shows the exact position of the planets at the exact time and location you were born, which becomes a map for discovering your soul's purpose, evolution and lessons in this lifetime based on past life experiences. It helps us to remember our original desire to incarnate. My astrologer describes that this "Map of Your Soul illuminates the path towards your greatest potential and life of your dreams". Life of your dreams = living in complete authenticity and manifesting from that place. And while I had acquired my dream job three times in a row, I was feeling a subconscious pull towards an entirely different field, which I couldn't quite pinpoint. Until that reading.

My astrologer helped to lift certain parts of myself from a dormant 'knowing' to my conscious awareness, and after that session I knew exactly what I was going to do. I had been curious about bodywork for some time, but it never occurred to me that it was something I could pursue as an occupation. At that time I was waste deep in marine biology and conservation, and thought I knew what path my life would take. But the question that always remained was: was this my authentic self deciding to do this work, or was this a teenage dream I was still living out?

During my natal chart reading it was suggested that I would have an affinity with the healing arts, and be very good at creating with the hands (Sun in Taurus, Scorpio ascendent) –"had I considered massage before"? Well, actually, I had. But it was more like a curiosity than anything else. Something I wanted to learn just because I thought it would be a cool skill to have. And I suppose the rest is history. By September that year I found a training that happened to take place on my birth island in Thailand, and I knew from the moment I saw a video of the technique that that was what I had to do.

What intrigued me most about Alchemy of Touch was how intuitive it was. There seemed to be no methodical approach to the way a sessions was structured, like I was used to when receiving Thai massage. To me it felt like a way to restore suppressed sensuality in the body, by reintroducing fluidity and softness in the tissues. And having been to world class spas and massage practices around the world, there is really nothing I could compare it to. The dream at this stage is to advance to such a level that I will be able to travel around the world and provide a space of healing for everyone I come into contact with. I'm so excited for this journey!

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