Alchemy of Touch

Alchemy of Touch is a dynamic & poetic form of transformational bodywork that brings massage and healing to a whole new level. It combines musculoskeletal and energetic techniques from both Western and Eastern modalities such as deep tissue work, Osho Rebalancing, Thai yoga stretches, and polarity energy work. It can help with improving energy levels, releasing 'stuck' emotions and melting your trigger points (knots).

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Single Session (1.5 hrs)


Single Session (2 hrs)


System Reboot (3 sessions)

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"Cannot recommend Eline and Alchemy of Touch enough! A professional, relaxing, comfortable, friendly and enjoyable bodywork treatment and massage. My first one of many. The entire process was perfectly described and delivered following an interesting and well presented consultation from a friendly, knowledgeable, caring and passionate individual.

The initial welcome, homely environment and charming decor were well received. Great hospitality from start to finish in the cosy, private, quiet, treatment room, with peaceful and calming music and aromas for extra company. The physical and mental effects in the days following my visit were noticeable and appreciated."


"I suddenly felt extremely tired for two days following the session. My head felt heavy and foggy, and I felt quite emotional, but my body felt amazing. More spacious. And also, my feet haven't felt cold, which is really new for me! I really feel like something has shifted in my body. As if the energetic channels have been opened up, and they're being cleared out. Really incredible!"


"I've had many traditional massages, and Alchemy of Touch is a completely different experience. After the first session, I felt much better at both the physical and mental level. I can recommend it to everyone, whether you're familiar with receiving massage, or whether it's your first time."



Deep Tissue Massage

Fluid Touch (Alchemy of Touch)

Deep Tissue in Motion (Alchemy of Touch)

Osha Rebalancing Massage

Myofascial Chi-Release

Joint Mobilisation

Thai Yoga Stretches

Digital Pressure Massage

Holistic Bodywork

Visceral (Hara/Belly) Work


Polarity Energy Work


The Method

Alchemy of Touch was developed by Tapesh Paradiso and accentuated by the embodied wisdom of Anouk Devi. Maintaining the holistic understanding of the interconnectedness of the body, mind and soul, Tapesh has studied and practiced each of the above modalities in detail. Over decades of experimentation, he has adopted and reshaped the most effective methods from each of these schools.


This profound fusion facilitates the release of tension by focusing on the Myo-Fascia in order to unwind physical imbalances and open subtle energetic channels – restoring the body and mind to a state of harmony and deep relaxation to regain innate and optimum health.

Unique to Alchemy of Touch is Tapesh's own innovative method –‘Fluid Touch’. This technique uses wavelike movements, which allows energy to course through the body improving fluidity and oxygen flow, dispersing sensation and giving the client what can only be described as a really “yummy” experience –even when combined with deep pressure that might otherwise be experienced as painful.